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Vineyard Fresh

Restaurants – Keeps Wine Fresh – Use VineyardFresh to save money, increase revenue.


  1. Save money – VineyardFresh prevents waste of wine due to oxidation
  2. Assure Customer Satisfaction – Enjoy repeat sales, never give a customer, unknowingly, a bad glass of wine.
  3. Increase revenue – offer higher quality and priced “wines by the glass”, offer more variety whenever you want.


Help customers drink responsibly in provinces with a “merlot to go” law. Customers can drink responsibly by drinking what they want and then take it home. Use VineyardFresh tableside to keep the wine fresh as it is taken home.


Retailers – Sell VineyardFresh and generate incremental sale revenue (two retail sizes regular and travel).


  1. Consumers can open whatever they want, whenever they want and enjoy without any concern for waste. Open bottles sooner including any still red wine, white wine, vintage port, sherry, ice wine, sake etc. Make VineyardFresh a suggested or recommended purchase. Also those retailers that sell wine, VineyardFresh helps sell more.
  2. Great product for gifting for any holiday or special occasion with a bottle of wine. An incremental sale of great consumer value (30 cents or less to save a bottle of wine). Also works on specialty cooking oils, balsamic vinegars for an added consumer benefit.
  3. Encourage consumers to take the VineyardFresh Challenge. Our 100% guarantee that consumers will be satisfied.


For more product information: www.vineyardfresh.com



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